Our Services

International & Domestic Air Ticket Issuance

Travel & Tours is a PSA of all airlines flying to and from Kabul, we are in a direct contract and business relationship with all airlines in Afghanistan and equipped with their ticket stocks and special deals.
Relationship ties between Atlantic Travel & Tours and airlines in Afghanistan are in closest coordination which benefits the partnership on special deals available on deadlines, our partnership represents the deep value on delivering mutual deals available in the markets and request special term and condition required by our client to be fulfilled by airlines.
Travel and Tour is having access to 276 Airline ticket stock around the world, our affiliate office and branches in India, United State, Turkey and the upcoming branch office of Atlantic travel in France is enabling us to guarantee and identify the best available cost and travel solution worldwide.

Hotel & Conference Hall Bookings
worldwide / Rental Car

Atlantic Travel & Tours is having the facility of hotel booking worldwide, our Hotel Booking/Rental Cars search engine has the capacity of three thousand hotels identification, search and booking globally. Atlantic Travel & Tours has experimented consecutively experiencing and analyzing the market and esteemed client's demand, our dedicated team regularly monitored the expectation our client, and our product and service have been designed as per the requirement of the clients and frequently it is update mode to accept market challenges. We are glad having the experience and successful completion of hotel bookings worldwide, conference hall and providing car requisition in different regions with the expected result for high ranking and desirable people.

Visa Process

Atlantic Travel & Tours is in close coordinate and legitimate linkage with number of governments representative to obtain the following visas.

  • Uzbekistan
  • UAE
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Singapore
Special Corporate Deal

Atlantic Travel & Tours striving to search, identify, procure and practice special deals and more benefit for exclusive clients from airlines and hotels, we are proudly implementing Special Corporate Deal to our A-rated client and fully capable and prepared to negotiate with any airline or hotel on behalf of our esteemed clients in case requested.

Travel Insurance

Atlantic Travel and Tours with the corporation of insurance cooperation of Afghanistan (ICA) is working closely & consistently to procure rapid travel insurance support in Afghanistan to different destinations of the world. Insurance cooperation of Afghanistan has been the leading insurance provider Afghanistan, they have rapidly proven record since inception date covering a range of insurance products including travel insurance. ICA has been backed up with an A-rated reinsurer of the world to deliver a strength travel insurance policy accepted globally.

Umrah Packages

Atlantic Travel & Tours is well experienced in delivering pilgrimage packages, Hajj pilgrimage is a sacred ceremony of Muslims of the world, Atlantic Travel & Tours is delighted to present excellent Umrah service.

Implant Desk

Atlantic Travel & Tours for rapid support and smooth process travel requisition and avoid time consumption, a dedicated individual from the corporate division will be designated under the payroll of Atlantic Travel & Tours and supervision of the client to manage the working process efficiently.

Charter Flights

Atlantic Travel & Tours strives to make sure that our client has alternative travel solution in case of emergency needs throughout Afghanistan, we have been supported by charter flight aviation company to procure helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft depending on condition and runaway availability, our professional team is always prepared to response any immediate requests of our clients.